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About Our Cash Advances

Are you looking to expand your physical location or add a new product line? With Affinity Rewards’ cash advance program, we offer working capital to suit small businesses of any kind. Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) from Affinity Rewards is a smart way to get working capital for many small and medium sized businesses. Our terms are very flexible and can be paid by daily credit card deposits.

We use your current average credit card processing volume to determine the amount of funding available and your business’ eligibility — a quick and simple process. Once you’re approved, just fill out and return the light paperwork we require and your cash will be arriving at your business within days!

Really, it’s that simple. Once you have received your cash, we will deduct a predetermined amount from your daily credit/debit receipts until the agreed amount is fully repaid. The benefits of cash advances include:

Quicker and simpler access to cash (as opposed to a bank loan)
High approval rates for existing merchants
Minimal documentation requirements
No personal guarantee or collateral requirements
No fixed payment schedule
No hidden costs or fees